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Chuông cửa hình có chụp ảnh ETE T-709CM

Thông tin Sản phẩm

  • Chuông cửa hình có dây

  • Chuông cửa hình có chụp ảnh ETE T-709CM

  • Chuông cửa hình có chụp ảnh ETE T-709CM

  • Hoaviet Telecom ; www.chovienthonghanoi.com

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Thông tin sản phẩm

Features:    handfree intercom /  150 pictures' memory function / night vision / display visitor/ remote unlocking / adjust the contrast and brightness / supervise the front door situation anytime / suitable for single house, office and villia / 2 indoor unit to 1 outdoor.

Detailed Product Description

1.recording function.
2.7" TFT LCD
3.Aluminum alloy with luxury apperance;
4.Compliant with FCC & CE Standard

7" TFT LCD                                                                                             

Hands-free intercom
Functions: calling, talking, monitoring, unlocking,memory function optional
Clear night view for 24 hours monitoring
One outdoor camera can support up to 4 indoor monitors and vice versa;

Compliant with FCC & CE Standard.

Màn hình màu:

Screen:           7" TFT LCD

Power Supply: DC18V/AC 100-250  

Resolution:     1440H*234V

Ring type:       5 chord melody rings for option

Temperature:   0-+50c

Connection:    4-cord wire

Power Consumption: 130mW (standby) ;14W (working)

Material:         Aluminum die-casting alloy

Size:              243*160*26.5mm   

Weight:           1.5kg

Packaging:      1 set/color box; 8sets/ctn

Camera chuông ở ngoài:


Resolution:        420TVLine

Lens and Angle: F6.0, about 70 degree

Min illumination: 1.5 Lux

Operating Temperature: -20-+50C

Connection:        4-cord wire

Installation:         Wall-mount

Night Vision:        6 super bright LED (or infared for option)

Material:              Aluminum alloy

Size:                  128*160*45mm

Weight:              0.406kg

Packaging:         1 set/color box; 8sets/ctn