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Máy hàn thiếc khống chế nhiệt KAWH 936A

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  • Máy hàn thiếc khống chế nhiệt KAWH 936A

  • Máy hàn thiếc khống chế nhiệt KAWH 936A

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Máy hàn thiếc KAWH 936A
SUPPLY PRODUCT Weller Soldering KAWH936A
1.Weller Soldering
2.Imported heat core
3.Good quality
5.Output voltage 24V

Weller Soldering  KAWH936A

1.Anti-static design, output voltage is 24 volts, it has device to prevent leak damaging the line board.

2.Imported nickel-chromium wire heating core, welding nozzle and the body heat compatible with other multi-national brands, the replacement is more convenient. 

3.Instantaneous temperature compensation, control temperature is precise and stable.

4.Especially suit for mounting and reworking SMD components by hand, soldering common and directlyinserted electronics and soldering and other special conditions.

5.Light handle for long time used.