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Máy khò linh kiện điện tử Jiayoudi 858A

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  • Máy khò nhiệt và khò từ

  • Máy khò linh kiện điện tử Jiayoudi 858A

  • Máy khò linh kiện điện tử Jiayoudi 858A

  • Hoaviet Telecom ; www.chovienthonghanoi.com

  • Made in Hongkong

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Thông tin sản phẩm

Máy khò linh kiện điện tử Jiayoudi 858A

1. Closed loop sensors, microcontroller zero trigger temperature control, power, rapid heating, temperature accuracy and stability, without affecting the amount of wind, truly free desoldering.
2. Adjustable air flow, air volume and a gentle wind, convenient temperature regulation, can be adapted to a variety of uses.
3. The handle is equipped with sensor switch, as long as the grip handle, the system can quickly enter the working mode; handle released into the handle frame, the system will enter standby mode, real-time operating convenience.
4. The use of high-quality heater at the same power can be doubled to extend the working life of the heater, saving electricity.
5. The system has automatic cold wind function, can prolong the life of the heating element and protect the hot air grab.
6. Using a plastic shell, compact body, beautiful, occupied as a small desk area.
7. Using brushless fan extremely long life, minimal noise.
8. Blow, welding with plastic components is not deformed. Such as blowing the phone ringer, tail interpolation connection blocks and other deformation.
9. Blow shielding box does not change color, quickly and conveniently.
10. Welding PCB is not blowing bubble.
11. Dismantling plastic BGA-IC is not easy with a broken foot. More secure and reliable.

Technical parameters
Power supply voltage: AC 220V / 50Hz
Power consumption: 700W
Airflow type: brushless fan gentle wind
Gas flow: 120L / min (maximum)
Temperature adjustment range: 100 ~ 450 ℃
Display: Mechanical dial
Handle Length (including handle line): 120cm
Noise: <40dB
Nozzle: A1130, A1170A, A1110
Heater: 700W AT858 imported heating wire
Dimensions: 151 × 100 × 153 (L × W × H) mm
Weight: about 1.5K

Packing list
● Device Host: 1 set
● handle frame: 1
● Instructions: 1
● nozzle: 3
● Warranty card

1. Suitable for most surface mount soldering and desoldering components such as SOIC, CHIP, QFP, PLCC, BGA and so on.
2. Rework large and small circuit board shielded cover, box, convenient and fast. Heat Shrink Tubing, PVC heat shrink tubing.
3. Small metal, machinery and body warm-up, slack fasteners.
4. PVC coating, waterproof canvas stitch welding, seam welding with asphalt roof. The use of high temperature on animal cages disinfection, sterilization, insecticidal work.
5. polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, high temperature plastic, wood stereotypes.
6. frost or freeze thaw things, pipes, mechanical body.
7. Paint, filters, glue drying.
8. All non-fire heating.

1. Rework Station outlet and the surrounding may have extremely high temperatures, care should be taken to guard against burns.
2. Heat the handle must be placed in the handle holder, must not be placed countertops or elsewhere.
3. Please keep the outlet open, can not have obstruction.
4. The work is completed, must be placed in the heated grip handle rack, let the machine automatically cooled to below 100 ℃ (into standby) to turn off the power switch.
5. When using the object's distance from the outlet at least 2 mm, in order to calculate the outlet.
The work requirements, the appropriate choice of wind Tsui, different wind Tsui, the temperature may be slightly different.

Replace the heating element
1. Replace the heating element should be cooling, disconnect the power cord to be replaced.
2. As shown, loosen the two set screws on the handle.
3. Unscrew the handle shell 1, and then remove the handle shell 2.
4. Gently removing the fan, remove the fixing screw terminal block.
5. The wiring board, in turn, apart from the terminal board connection wire heating element, pay attention to the connection line position.
6. Remove the heating element and the heating element mica paper wrap from a steel tube, be careful not to break ground on the line pipe.
7. Mica wrapped in paper with a new heating element, insert it into the pipe, note that the heating element to be installed in place.
8. Connect the connecting wire heating element according to the original position.
9. Press the open when the program installed opposite the handle.
Watch out!
1. Replace the heating element, be careful not to damage the pipe on the ground wire.
2. Replace the fan to make note of the cable, not damaged.
3. 1:00 back shell loaded handle, fixed column to be fixed on the handle shell hole in the steel pipe.

Security Code
1. Prior to the use of a heat gun, must comply with the following basic measures to avoid electric shock or bodily injury caused by fire or other hazards.
2. In order to ensure personal safety, you must use approved or recommended by the original parts and accessories, otherwise it will lead to serious consequences!
3. The appliance must be carried out by a qualified service technician or factory designated person!
● Be careful, high-temperature operation, do not use near flammable or explosive gases in the vicinity, objects, spray nozzles and heat are very hot and can burn the body, do not touch the heat pipe or heat injection body.
● After the hot air gun is turned on, do not leave their jobs.
● Do not allow children to contact hot air gun.
● Install the nozzle can not be turned on when the hot air gun, you must heat pipe and nozzle cooling, can be installed.
● Keep the inlet and outlet flow, can not have obstruction.
● After use, remember to cool the body, the handle should be released into the handle frame, the machine into standby mode after the shutdown.
● long time do not use, you should unplug the power cord.